Hi, my name is Frederick Foulds. I am an archaeologist and librarian based in the North East of England. I am also a big fan of horror, gaming in all its varieties, and cups of tea.

Since 2015 I have designed several competition winning roleplaying game scenarios. These include The Keepers of the Woods for Pelgrane Press’ Trail of Cthulhu, which won the 2015 RPG Geek One Sheet Gumshoe competition, and Those Within, which was a finalist for Chaosium’s 2017 Cult of Chaos Scenario design competition. I like writing for roleplaying games and, despite my own opinions on the matter, people seem to think I’m not bad at it. So I plan on writing more.

Here at Arcana Obscura you can expect to find titbits of news, reviews and opinion on Lovecraftiana, horror, and gaming, an keep up to date with various projects that I am currently working on.