Arcane Anomalies: Rending the Veil

Arcane Anomalies is going to be a new (semi-) regular series of posts looking at magic items, artefacts and spells for F20 and other game systems. Each will be presented in a (roughly) system neutral way, allowing them to be adapted for your game of choice. Thye will also have a short fluff text, which… Continue reading Arcane Anomalies: Rending the Veil

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Conflict at the table

A session I was playing in recently got me thinking about conflict during RPG sessions. More specifically, about conflicts between player characters and how that can bleed through into conflict between players. While the former can make for great stories, the latter can lead to the break down of your player base.     Why… Continue reading Conflict at the table

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#DungeonADay: a ‘dungeon drawing’ project

It was my birthday recently and amongst other things (boardgames, books - you know the like), I received a few Amazon vouchers. Most of these were spent on assorted nerdery. However, I also picked up a new Leuchtturm1917 notebook with squared paper with the intention of using it to doodle out some dungeon designs. Inspired… Continue reading #DungeonADay: a ‘dungeon drawing’ project

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London’s Miscellany Society – a setting resource for your Cthulhu Mythos game

The Miscellany Society is featured as a starting point and bond for the characters in my Trail of Cthulhu scenario The Keepers of the Woods. In the scenario, it is really just used as an excuse for how the investigators know each other and the Professor who invites them down to Dartmoor. Here, I intend… Continue reading London’s Miscellany Society – a setting resource for your Cthulhu Mythos game